Birth Defects and Infertility Problems Solved

This is an easy one, and not only can birth defects be prevented, but infertility problems can be reversed. It’s easy to do but takes some oiling point conscious effort BEFORE conception. Ideally, if you are planning on having children and want normal, healthy, thriving off-spring, then you need to do a few things BEFOREHAND. If you wait till the fetus is formed then any birth defects present will become impossible to cure.

It use to be thought that women over 35 carried a high risk of having babies born with Down’s Syndrome. Now there are more teenagers giving birth to babies with Down’s Syndrome than women over 35. Why is this? You will see why soon. Then there is cleft lips, cleft palate, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, heart defects, limb defects, muscular dystrophy, neural tube defects, spina bifida, two heads and countless other abnormalities that could easily be prevented with proper nutrition and supplementation in the developing fetus.

And of course the infertility problem steadily increases as technology seems to improve. And this not only affects women but men also with low sperm count. Men need to be up to par also if women are to give birth to healthy babies. Don’t just leave it all up to the gal. It doesn’t work like that. Infertility is just as common in men as it is in women and alcohol seems to be the leading cause.

If you can plan having children all the better. This will give you time to plan your attack so to speak. Try to give up smoking at least 3 months BEFORE conception. That’s both the male and female. If you do smoke, then you will greatly increase your risk of having babies born with birth defects or some catastrophic disease. Drinking too should be eliminated. Hey, a glass of beer or a small red wine once in a while will do no harm, but if you drink more then your going to have problems in the child which may not actually show up until they reach adolescence in the form of disruptive behavior, children with ADD/ADHD and many other forms of mental behavior. Is it worth the risk? I believe not. And it shouldn’t have to be said, but taking drugs, both recreational and pharmaceutical should be avoided at all means. If you have a headache there are other things you can do apart from taking an over the counter pain reliever. Many headaches can actually be the result of dehydration, therefore, drink water.

Women need to understand this very important issue. When the embryo is forming in the womb, it will get all it’s nutrition directly from the mother. Embryos require ALL the essential vitamin’s, mineral’s, essential fatty acid’s and amino acid’s in order to develop 100% normality. If there is not enough mineral’s in the diet then the embryo will take this from the mother in order to maintain normality. If the mother does not have the nutrients the embryo needs to develop properly, then the baby will miss out and will result as some form of birth defect or a deficiency of some kind. Some women will develop Diabetes during pregnancy. This is because the embryo is drawing the chromium and vanadium from the mother in order to get those minerals not being supplied by the diet. Please do not believe for one minute that you can get everything you need from your four food groups. This kind of mis-information has caused more disease and death than any other sentence ever spoken. To insure embryo’s are getting everything they need to develop healthy organ’s and tissue, you need to supplement with a good vitamin/mineral supplement. Don’t wait for your doctor to tell you this, he might recommend Vitamin C and folic acid, but embryo’s require a bit more than those 2 supplements to develop normally.

Some birth defects have other causes, for example pesticides, poisons, chemicals and radiation; there is a long list but the majority are caused by the nutrition available to the developing embryo from the mother.

Mongolism or Down’s Syndrome is actually caused by a Zinc deficiency during conception, whereas your orthodox doctor will tell you it is the result of a chromosomal defect. The only defect is the lack of zinc which caused the defect in the first place. So you see, as we get older we deplete our mineral reserves and the older we get, the harder it gets to replenish our supplies. Absorption slows down and drops precipitously. But know we are seeing this in younger girls giving birth to Downs Syndrome babies. And why is this? Well, if there is no Zinc in the food we eat, what is the likelihood the baby is going to have any zinc available for their developing bodies, unless you supplement? Like I say, don’t wait for your doctor to give you this information, he can’t tell you something he’s not aware of.

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